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Enhanced mobility as the gateway to accessible socio-economic opportunities and a shared future.

Two fundamental principles underpin the vision:

• Accessibility: PRASA should facilitate access – be a gateway - to a better quality of life by enabling individuals and communities to access socio-economic opportunities.
• Mobility: PRASA should connect individuals and communities through an integrated network of mobility routes.

Sustainable transport solutions through service excellence, innovation and modal integration

PRASA’s mission reflects four key intentions:

• Service excellence - superior performance that is safe, reliable and affordable, and which makes a lasting impression by actively building brand loyalty – both internally (employees) and externally (customers) – ultimately adding benefit to the passenger.
• Sustainability - a triple bottom line focus on sustainable development that considers not only financial profit, but also environmental quality and social equity.
• Mobility solutions - reframing the basis of business delivery to favour innovation, integration and partnerships
• Integration - safe, seamless and dignified travel experiences across all modes of public transport


Welcome to Metrorail - South Africa’s biggest and preferred provider of passenger and commuter rail services. Owned by PRASA, PRASA is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) under the auspices of the Department of Transport.

Our primary mandate in accordance with the Legal Succession Act to SATS Act (Act 9 of 1989) is to ensure that, at the request of the National Department of Transport or any sphere of government, rail commuter services are provided in the public interest, and to promote rail as the primary mode of mass commuter transportation.
Metrorail has the custodianship of all commuter and passenger rail assets such as land in and around stations, infrastructure and rolling stock.
PRASA operates commuter rail services through Metrorail, transporting over 1,7 million passengers on weekdays in major Metropolitans made out of Four Regions Namely:

  • Western Cape
  • Gauteng
  • KwaZulu-Natal
  • Eastern Cape

The four Regions combined occupy about 478 stations with a fleet of over 270 train sets making up to 3100 coaches with each coach carrying more than 100 people.

Our core business of moving people safely resonated by our Metrorail Theme "Getting South Africa to work" effectively covers 2 400 Kilometres of track throughout South Africa. With effect from the 1st of April 2008 SARCC will run and operate long-distance passenger rail through Shosholoza Meyl to effect the 2004 Cabinet decision of creating a single passenger rail entity.

We provide rail services to meet the countries needs of affordable public transport. We are committed to the provision of safety and comfort to the millions of commuters who rely on our service for mobility and access.

Our subsidiary, Intersite Property Solutions is responsible to provide total property solutions through management, building, upgrading and revamping of stations throughout the entire network.

Our strategy is about:

Transforming and positioning passenger rail to form the basis of Integrated Mass rapid Public Transport Networks in South Africa.

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